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Minerva automatically restrains malware on enterprise endpoints without relying on prior knowledge about the malicious program’s patterns or behavior.

Minerva’s platform accomplishes this by carefully controlling how malware “perceives” its environment, to render malicious code ineffective. Minerva employs this deception-based approach in several ways, providing customers with modules that can be deployed independently or as a unified anti-malware solution.

Minerva is effective at blocking advanced, stealthy malware designed to evade detection. As the result, Minerva’s protection supplements and strengthens customer’s existing security tools.

Minerva uses deception to repel the malware, encouraging it to abort the attack. Designed to prevent stealthy attacks that remain hidden until they find a safe environment to unpack in, Minerva simulates an environment where the malware will never feel safe, combining the malware’s “sum of all fears.”

Bluesky is the first and only reseller and MSSP for Minerva in Asia-Pacific. We can provide cost effective scalable solutions to 20,000 endpoints and beyond.

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You would check if your door is locked when you leave home. Your employees should do the same for your servers, computers, mobile, phones, printers and webcams. And in case they tend to forget, we have ways to do it for them and gently help them remember.

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